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With different screen sizes these days, your site will look compelling on all platforms

Fast Loading

We optimise all aspects of your site and use world-wide content delivery

SEO Built In

To appear on top of search reults, we tune and then fine-tune the key parameters


A Different Web Agency.

We are definitely quite different from other web agencies.

The reason for our existence is purely to enjoy working with you. Ok, we have to pay the bills too. But we do this while also making sure you enjoy the creation process. This means that at times, we recognise that some potential clients will have to find their web partner elsewhere. Those that stay will be satisfied beyond measure!

Latest Technology

Like all geeks, we go far and wide to search out for the latest technology that works. We obsess about performance continuously, always testing and evaluating.

Customer Centred

As hinted above, we need you, our customers to be greatly satisfied with the process. We spend much time understanding your needs and translating it into reality.

Top Performance & Incredible Service

No longer taking new projects


Our Services

WordPress Websites

We have used WordPress extensively. Our knowledge of this monolithic platform is vast. But lately the core features are, we believe moving in the wrong direction. So we are moving away for future projects.

Static Site Generators

This is the "latest and greatest" we're led to believe. After extensive testing, we are now convinced that this method does deliver faster sites that are inherently more secure. So we use it.


Good search engine placement starts by building it into the structure and layout of the web pages. Hence we incorporate it into our fundamental design process.

Graphic Design

The term "eye candy" is overused. But ugly, although may have shock value, rarely sells your company or your product. We lean more towards "smart and chic".

AdWords and Bing Ads

These can launch yout site to the top of the search results. But it takes time and knowledge for a good ROI. We put the work in to get you there.

Social Media

Some business sectors need a presence in social meadia to do well. We can handle the "nuts and bolts" but you have to provide the content (posts and media).

Our Skills

We’re skilled in wide range of web and other digital market tools.

These details are of course important but you are forgiven if you give it a miss! However, if you want the geeky details we've provided some (can't fit in all here) for you to peruse.

  • 01-Domain Tools

  • 02-cPanel Ninja

  • 03-Git, GitHub and GitLab

  • 04-Bog Standard HTML, CSS, etc.

  • 05-Serverless and Cloud Deployment


Our portfolio


Customzr Theme

Acupuncture for Life - customisations galore!


This Site

Built using Hugo and deployed through Google Firebase


Fully featured, extreme CSS

It uses Bootstrap and many own scripts.


Images from CDN

Pulls images from Google Photo leveraging CDN


Through Netlify

Static Site Generator used is Publii, deployed through Netlify


Blog Style

Simple WordPress site with stylish theme



Hand coded with HTML and CSS


Another Pure HTML & CSS

Vanilla HTML and CSS site


Another Blog Style

Site with heavy use of images and videos


Through Firebase

Customer wanted a multifunction site for her business with lots of images.


Served through Firebase

A site that will have regular updates of text and media including videos.


Our Greatest Plans


$100/ month

  • < 10 Pages + Blog
  • 2 Blogs/Month (you supply content)
  • 10 Image Uploads/Month
  • 1 GB Bandwidth
  • < 48 Hour Tech Response
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$150/ month

  • < 20 Pages + Blog
  • 3 Blogs/Month (you supply content)
  • 10 Image Uploads/Month
  • 5 GB Bandwidth
  • < 24 Hour Tech Response
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$300/ month

  • < 50 Pages + Blog
  • 5 Blogs/Month (you supply content)
  • 15 Image Uploads/Month
  • 10 GB Bandwidth
  • < 12 Hour Tech Response
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Varies/ month

  • AdWords
  • Bing Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Ad Optimising
  • Keyword Research
  • As Needed Tech Response
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Latest Posts


Backup With Google Drive

We Know We Should! Everybody keeps pounding on about how we should backup all our work …. again and again and again and - you get the idea. Those who have had a disk or machine failure will totally embrace the idea. This is especially so if your work involves data storage on the computer. So we present a pretty useful strategy here. Right, this is not the only method that is available and it depends on the Gigabytes your work contains and the speed of your internet connection.

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Creating This Site - Overview

A Little Background So. The previous incarnation of this site was using WordPress with a site-builder plugin to speed up the creation process. Then Gutenberg happened. We are pretty proficient at creating on the internet (since 2005) yet … Gutenberg crashed us out. It is a real train-crash! Simplest edits needed many keystrokes to achieve. Editing existing posts got locked up in “blocks” and adding to them became a big job of breaking up the blocks first.

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Antivirus Strategy - Resurrected

Old Posts Die Easy The internet today moves fast. Not only in terms of download speeds but when it comes to technology relevance. So when our old WordPress site died with the Gutenberg update, we said good riddance to most of the old posts. But this one retained its usefulness, we thought. We still use its suggestions and it has kept malware at bay from our machines. Here this post is revived, and augmented for our new site.

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Thank you for your interest, but we are no longer taking any new business.