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Uniquely Header
This site belongs to a non-profit organisation set up to help disabled adults develop to their full potential. We felt that their aims were in line with our own feelings and set up the "blog" site that will showcase what they do and help them get financial help in as many ways as possible. They have been growing and the local community is becoming aware of the excellent work they are doing. Our aim is to help them become well known in the national and global arena and to spread their message to a wider audience. Uniquely Me and U
Heaven Scent Bliss
One of the design requirement here was to break away from the "boring modern WordPress" corporate look which would not suit the personality of the business at all. Yet the site it replaces has some eye-candy which was not consistent and jarred in places. Heavy design input on a basic Bootstrap (Twitter) resulted in a design that the client accepted. A staging site was used so that key business customers can see the style before launch. We might release a child theme later on if their is enough interest! Here's the link to the site: Heaven Scent Bliss
Acupuncture project
Acupuncture for Life is our first "serious" site as it is a brochure site to catch the complementary health trade. The site had to be fast loading and responsive, and the theme used is called "Customizr" which is
Lichfield Therapy
This was one of the first business sites we created. Even then, we wanted an easy to use site - visitor experience is important on all sites. The budget was virtually non-existent so the themes and plugins were free and the hosting is the original low-cost shared hosting. We could afford to spend little time on optimising it, yet it was still a key part of bringing in new business. Visit this site to see the simpler specification we worked to when we first started. Link below.
Carecuts Header
So this website a campaigning/information blog that covered the cuts in benefits perpetrated by the UK government
Capture Saohpa Site
A family site with photos, but rather than upload the photos to the hosting server, we use the Google image cloud storage. Then we used the Google API to pull them onto the site
abc of websites
This is a video tutorial website that is on SSL (https) because it is a membership side with ability to pay for various levels of membership