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Launching This Site

It is always important that if you are launching a company whose main purpose is  put other companies onto the internet, your own site must be "leading edge". But to become a perfectionist leads to "analysis paralysis" with slipping completion dates and deadlines being missed. Hence a fast launch of this site was intended. To achieve this, certain factors were leveraged to get the site launched…

Anti – Virus Strategy

There are many ways to protect yourself from malware. This post is not about the "best" method but what I chose to use. I will give reasoning behind my choices. It is not for people already working/researching in cyber-technology but rather a typical computer user who is concerned about their online security. Especially if they do online banking or even just some shopping on the…
Heaven Scent Bliss

Building of Heaven Scent Bliss

Visit the site: Heaven Scent Bliss This site already exists so the contents were already there. But there were shortcomings: It was not mobile/tablet friendly The text was too small and difficult to read Many elements on the pages were visually jarring It used PHP scripting mixed with a Wordpress blog - hard to maintain The shop section was no longer relevant SEO was not easy…

Cache Plugins

Ok, we will now get into a little more of this website details. The main driver for this site is the Live Composer page-builder. We are also using the free theme that is from the same developers - Orao. We'll come to that later. Today we want to talk about cache plugins that we've tried with this combination. As mentioned in an earlier blog, page-builders…

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